How do I book The Jazz Exchange?

We recommend booking as early as possible, especially for  events taking place at 'peak times' e.g. summer, Christmas & New Year and  those falling on a Saturday, as we have bookings confirmed up to the end of 2010. We are  happy to provisionally hold a date for a short period and offer you first  refusal if another client would like to book us for the same date. Please call  Sheila on 020 8641 1935/ 07868 039 514 or Eugene on 01342 835394/ 07939 024 944 with your enquiry or email us for  a no obligation quote.

How much do you charge?

This is a general guide as all quotes are tailored individually -  we charge from £240 to book Eugene to perform solo, vocal & piano DUO - £480, TRIO - £720, QUARTET -   £960, QUINTET -£1200 which includes travel expenses (for the South-East region),   all sound equipment - including piano and up to 4 hours playing   time (although we can be booked for longer if required). Please contact us with your individual requirements. **Bookings further afield may cost a little more to cover travel costs.**

How far will you travel?

We regularly travel throughout the UK. We are  based in the South-East so many of our bookings come from London, Surrey, Kent, Essex,  Sussex, Berkshire and Hampshire, however we perform at corporate events, weddings, parties and  other special occasions in Cornwall, Wales, The Midlands, Yorkshire and beyond.  Given reasonable notice, any location in the UK is not a problem.

Which line up should we choose? 

Solo - Eugene performing classical or jazz for your wedding or event.

Duo (vocals & piano) - perfect for   cocktail parties, small intimate weddings, corporate events and parties in the   home where space is limited.

Trio (vocals, piano & bass or drums) -   can create a wonderful mellow feel yet can also swing into the night for dancing   at smaller weddings and private or corporate parties.

Quartet (vocals, piano, bass & drums) -   ideal for larger events, where that classic big jazz sound is guaranteed to get   people on their feet.

Quintet (vocals, piano, bass, drums &   sax) - The full line up, great for dinner dances, large weddings and any other   big occasion!

What do you wear?

We usually wear all black, either plain suits and black  cocktail dress or dinner suits and evening dress depending on the occasion. If  your party or event has a particular theme, just let us know.......we like dressing up too!

Do you provide recorded music while the band takes a break?

Yes, we play well known jazz/swing cds through our  amplifiers while the band takes short breaks, so that the music is  seamless for your guests.

What if the venue doesn't have a piano?

If there is no piano at the venue, we can provide a Yamaha  Digital Piano which has a fantastic sound (all the Mp3s on this site were  recorded using a YDP). In addition to this, we provide all our own sound equipment.  All we need is the power supply.

Can you perform outdoors?

Yes, as long as we can be connected to a power supply and  have adequate protection from any bad weather or very hot sun.

Do you ever have to substitute musicians?

Yes, but only if it is unavoidable. Whilst every effort is  made to ensure that musicians aren't substituted, occasionally it is necessary  for us to do so in cases of illness etc. The substitute musician would be an  experienced professional who is well known to us.

Do you  have Public Liabilty Insurance?

Yes, please click here to see our certificate supplied by the Musician's Union.